Wayapa® Wuurrk



In 2013, Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones founded the Aboriginal startup Wayapa® Wuurrk P/L, which translated means “Connect Country” in the language of the Gunditjmara & Gunnai Peoples respectively, to provide ReConnection programs based on a contemporary version of traditional culture and knowledge – Respecting Country, Culture and Community. 

The practice of Wayapa® combines mindfulness, traditional Aboriginal movements and a narrative meditation in a series of 14 elements to teach participants the importance of connecting to earth and nature for holistic wellness.

I am honored to have studied the Diploma and become a practitioner to be able to share Wayapa® .  Personally, I find that Wayapa®  is a really powerful tool that combines all of my passions into a model that I can share and connect to people with. It’s given me not only a platform to start & engage in conversations with people but it’s also added great depths to the way that I am connecting to country and culture.

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