Proud to be able to bring you Wayapa® Wuurrk

An Indigenous Earth connection and mindfulness practice that's for everyone!


Rowena Price - Accredited Wayapa® Wuurrk practitioner


Over the years, for various reasons, I had become completely disconnected to myself, country, culture and community. Both my mental and physical health were in very bad shape. Wayapa® is providing me with a holistic way of healing. It is both simple and yet quite complex in its teachings and message.

Wayapa® Wuurrk


The practice of Wayapa® combines mindfulness, traditional

Aboriginal movements and a narrative meditation in a series of

14 elements to teach participants the importance of connecting

to earth and nature for holistic wellness.

Wayapa® workshops on offer:



- Introduction to Wayapa®  

- 6 week Wayapa® immersions &

 - Wayapa® tap-in

Company/Organisations/ Schools/ Private

- Tailored  workshop bookings. Send me an email for inquiries.

Current workshops on offer can be found on the events page.